Excaliber Defense

EXCaliber (EXpanding Copper caliber) ammunition is designed with one thing in mind, stopping the threat now. We utilize all copper expanding monolithic bullets to make the best performing defensive ammunition available. 

Monolithic copper bullets have several advantages over traditional lead core bullets:

  • Precise control of expansion timing - allowing the bullet to both expand to maximum diameter and penetrate deeply into the target at the desired velocity.
  • Better expansion - because the bullet is CNC machined from solid copper, it can be precisely designed and consistently manufactured. This allows consistent, maximum expansion.
  • Better weight retention - instead of breaking apart, monolithic bullets hold together better. Allowing a deeper and wider wound channel.
  • Barrier blind - improved performance through auto glass and other barriers.
  • Less recoil - All copper bullets are larger than lead core bullets at the same weight, and so perform "above their weight class". Allowing you to use a lighter recoiling load with the same terminal performance. This means faster follow up shots.

EXCaliber ammunition is designed to penetrate 12 to 18 inches in ballistic gelatin while still expanding to at least twice the original diameter. Meeting FBI requirements for defensive ammunition.

Self defense ammunition should meet the FBI basic criteria to be effective. Our ammunition is designed to do this. Please see this excellent article for more information.

See our EXCaliber loads in 380 ACP, 10mm, 300 Blackout, and 223 Remington