10mm Auto 180 Grain XTP Ammo

10mm Auto 180 Grain XTP Ammo

  • $12.65

Utilizing the Hornady XTP bullet, this 10mm round delivers full 10mm velocity and energy. These rounds are engineered for reliability and accuracy while still delivering the power that the 10mm is famous for. Using a flash suppressed powder allows minimal impact to vision in low light hunting and self defense situations.

Our defensive 10mm ammunition delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. This is new manufacture ammunition.


Cartridge: 10mm Auto

Quantity: 20

Grain Weight: 180

Muzzle Velocity:

Glock 20 factory barrel: 1250 ft/sec

Glock 20 5 inch aftermarket barrel: 1280 ft/sec

Muzzle Energy: 650 ft-lbs

Test Barrel Length: 5 inches