223 Rem 55 Grain V-MAX Ammo

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Premium brass cased new manufacture .223 Remington ammunition loaded with the Hornady 55 V-MAX. This cartridge is engineered for excellent performance and sub MOA accuracy in your semi-automatic or bolt action rifle and is sutable for rifles chambered in .223 Rem or 5.56mm NATO.

When developing this round we focused on delivering consistency and accuracy from the 55 grain Hornady V-MAX bullet. We are excited to announce we are keeping our 5 shot groups to .5 inch or better at 100 yards.

The Hornady V-MAX is an excellent example of what a specialized varmint bullet can achieve, offering improved accuracy, dramatic expansion and impressive fragmentation at a wide range of velocities and distances.


Caliber: .223 Remington

Quantity: 20, 100, or 1000

Grain Weight: 55

Muzzle Velocity: 3206 ft/sec with 22 inch barrel
                           3042 ft/sec with 18 inch barrel


Standard Deviation: 12 ft/sec

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